19 April

No words can describe the intensity of the days migration. A constant flow of loons and murres filled the ocean, and only in the first hour more than 20 000 murres and 7 000 loons passed by. Large flocks of Shorebirds sometime accompanied the flow of murres and loons. Today’s count on murres is probably the largest spring count ever in Boiler Bay. A really great day! Counting time: 06:10-15:10. 50 species of seabirds counted. Weather was sunny with some haze far in the horizon. Moderate wind 5 m/s (11 mph) from northwest.

Part of a big flock of Greater white-fronted goose (Anser albifrons)
Bird species list:
Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons) 2758
Snow Goose (Chen caerulescens) 7
Brant (Branta bernicla) 209
Cackling Goose (Branta hutchinsii) 32
Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) 5
Gadwall (Anas strepera) 4
American Wigeon (Anas americana) 62
Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) 1
Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) 20
Northern Pintail (Anas acuta) 3
Green-winged Teal (Anas carolinensis) 120
Greater Scaup (Aythya marila) 124
Scaup sp. 13
Surf Scoter (Melanitta perspicillata) 3230
White-winged Scoter (Melanitta deglandi) 30
Black Scoter (Melanitta americana) 1
Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) 1
Common Merganser (Mergus merganser) 6
Red-breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator) 48
Red-throated Loon (Gavia stellata) 207
Pacific Loon (Gavia pacifica) 19597
Common Loon (Gavia immer) 413
Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena) 2
Western Grebe (Aechmophorus occidentalis) 2
Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) 16
Brandt’s Cormorant (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) 813
Double-crested Cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus) 348
Pelagic Cormorant (Phalacrocorax pelagicus) 271
Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) 422
Black-bellied Plover (Pluvialis squatarola) 54
Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus) 17
Long-billed Curlew (Numenius americanus) 1
Dunlin (Calidris alpina) 49
Western Sandpiper (Calidris mauri) 2030
Western/Least Sandpiper 5370
Dowitcher sp. 54
Common Murre (Uria aalge) 90710
Pigeon Guillemot (Cepphus columba) 25
Marbled Murrulet (Brachyramphus marmoratus) 13
Rhinocerous Auklet (Cerorhinca monocerata) 6
Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) 2
Bonaparte’s Gull (Chroicocephalus philadelphia) 38
Mew Gull (Larus canus) 13
Ring-billed Gull (Larus delawarensis) 32
Western Gull (Larus occidentalis) 301
California Gull (Larus californicus) 571
American Herring Gull (Larus smithsonianus) 82
Thayer’s Gull (Larus thayeri) 1
Glaucous-winged Gull (Larus glaucescens) 100
Caspian Tern (Hydroprogne caspia) 805
Whale species list:
Gray Whale (Eschrichtius robustus) 4
Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) 6

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